Jurak OT Petrof was set up in 1976 under the aegis of Mr. jurak OT petrof. It has emerged as the premier studio of web design.
Since 2008 the Studio has developed numerous pages for acclaimed Macedonian artists such as Ms. Karolina Goceva, the leading Macedonian pop singer and Eurovision Song Contest 2002/2007 representative and Ms. Dani Dimitrovska, winner of the MTV Adria | New Sounds of Europe Competition and MTV EMA 2007 nominee, to name but a few, as well as sites for exclusive events for Avalon Production, one of the biggest and most successful promoter companies in the Balkans.

Since mid 2009 Jurak OT Petrof Studio has had the good fortune of working with clients worldwide.
During this period the Studio developed sites for renowned artists of classical music today such as Ms. HJ Lim, the rising pianist whose Beethoven recordings for EMI Classics have received critical acclaim from The New York Times, BBC Music and The Telegraph, Mr. Nathan Brock, winner of The Canada Council for the Arts 2011 Jean-Marie Beaudet Award in Orchestra Conducting, Mr. Nicolas Bringuier whose recordings for Audite have received international press acclaim and Ms. Liana Gourdjia, winner of The International Violin Competition Sion Valais, to name a few, as well as Arcadia Musica, Paris-based classical music agency with outstanding collaborators such as the one of the world's leading cellists Mr. Steven Isserlis.


Jurak OT Petrof Web Design Studio is honored to have worked with clients such as:
Mr. Uladzimir Sinkevich (Mesartim Trio), Ms. HJ Lim (EMI Classics), Mr. Simon Zaoui (Arcadia Musica), Mr. Nathan Brock (L'Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal), Ms. Dani Dimitrovska (Gorilla Wild Entertainment Group), Mr. Predrag Jovanchev (Donitex), Ms. Eva Nedinkovska (Training Center EVA), Mr. Garabet Tavitjan - Garo (Paramecium Production), Ms. Liana Gourdjia, Ms. Olga Monakh, Mr. Nicolas Bringuier, Mr. Aleksandar Bilbilov (With Macedonia Foundation), Ms. Aurelie-Jung Moron (Arcadia Musica), Mr. Serge Pustelnik (Serra Artist Management), Ms. Ivana Ristova (Monet MGM), Mr. Diran Tavitjan (Paramecium Production), Mr. Garo Tavitjan Jr. (Paramecium Production), Ms. Ilina Jakimovska (Tabahon Publishing), Mr. Ivica Brcioski (Avalon Production), Mr. Missko Karadzoski (Avalon Production), Mr. Jason Miko (With Macedonia Foundation), Ms. Karolina Goceva (Avalon Production), Mr. Sasko Petrov (Pro Solar Technologies), Mr. Vane Petridov (Cillo Studio), Mr. Goce Petridov (Cillo Taxi), Ms. Kristina Arnaudova.


• "We are very pleased with our new website mesartimtrio.com created by Jurak. It was a pleasure working with him to create this website as he has unique and innovative ideas about design and features. The quality of his work is of the highest standards and his prompt attention to our needs was quite a nice surprise."
Mr. Uladzimir Sinkevich

• "Even though the design, style, ideas and amazing creativity of Jurak as web designer are the best I have seen, the heart and wonderful mind he puts behind his artistry makes his work even more valuable as he also gives his sincere support. That's a great gift for any artist."
Ms. HJ Lim

• "Working with Jurak is a real pleasure. His artistic views and advice are sharp and clever and he truly is capable of technical miracles. I had the best time building my website with him."
Mr. Simon Zaoui

• "When the fusion of the urban, the street-like and the professional merges in the coolest possible way, you get the magic of Jurak! A unique perception of how and how much, good or bad, interesting or awfully dull you will dose and present yourself to the World-Wide Web. Now I know my story, and in case I forget something: www.danidimitrovska.com. Thanks, Jurak!"
Ms. Ema Temelkovska

• "I engaged Jurak to completely remake my online profile. It has been a pleasure working with him. He has a very creative instinct and carries out his vision independently, but always with his clients needs and wishes in mind. He is always cooperative, flexible and ready to compromise, but at the same time he is also willing to defend the artistic decisions he has made - a trait that I prize highly in all my professional collaborations.

I have been amazed by the speed at which he was able to move from concept to design to finished product. Changes, big and small, were carried out with gusto and efficiency. He is always available to address my comments and concerns (even when we are 8 times zones apart). He was recommended to me through a mutual colleague, I in turn, would recommend him highly for any web oriented design projects."
Mr. Nathan Brock

• "Jurak is a true artist in every sense of the word. I've hired him to design the websites for both my music and my Training Center EVA and I'm highly satisfied with his professional approach, commitment and great performance. He's also an exceptional person! As a professional he is very inventive and creative when given the freedom but also very cooperative, flexible and reliable in terms of meeting the client's needs and requirements and providing a timely service."
Ms. Eva Nedinkovska

• "Jurak OT Petrof owns an excellent mixture of qualities - web building professionalism and sophisticated graphic aesthetics. He understands his client's needs, and offers useful tips and advices when needed, working quickly and effectively. His help in establishing our website is highly appreciated, and we look forward to cooperating with Jurak in the future."
Ms. Ilina Jakimovska

• "It has been my great pleasure to work with Jurak OT Petrof. I highly recommend this talented web artist to any starting or already established musician, organization or promoter. If what you seek is professionalism, understanding of your field of work and the speedy execution of the website, maintenance and more, you are in excellent hands."
Ms. Liana Gourdjia

• "Jurak's knowledge and skill, combined with his intuition and empathy allow him to accomplish a miracle in just a few days. With perseverance, he looks for perfection and it is impressive. There is a certain magic to working with him: the result is astonishing and, moreover, one has an impression of returning home from a long journey of self-discovery."
Ms. Olga Monakh

• "Jurak designed a website for me which, more than just fulfilling all my expectations, went far beyond my dreams. He understood very quickly what I was searching for and made a site which is really a reflection of my personality. His artistic talent combined with his superlative mastering of the technical allows him to design sites which are both very functional and seductive. He is able to work in record time and to always find an efficient and beautiful solution to your demands. I warmly recommend him to everybody searching for a truly personal and strong-styled website."
Mr. Nicolas Bringuier

• "If you are looking for something that can only go above your highest expectations, I would recommend that you contact Jurak OT Petrof Studio. Jurak has been not only web designer, but he has been a true artist. Every time I work with Jurak on any project, I don't even bother thinking about design because I know that he has all the ideas and creativity needed. He works extremely fast and he has never had a lack of inspiration! I am thankful for all the work that he has done for me and Monet MGM. Looking forward to many more future projects with Jurak!"
Ms. Ivana Ristova

• "Jurak is probably the most talented designer I could ever found to redesign our Arcadia Musica website. He is really gifted, fast, creative. His style is trendy, modern, avant-garde. I am very impressed with his artistic skills. He really felt and designed the site based upon my vision for the company. I've had the pleasure of collaborating closely with him on this project, and I highly recommend his services for any design/art work."
Ms. Aurelie-Jung Moron

Recommendation Letter /PDF file. 230KB/
Mr. Missko Karadzoski

• "Jurak is a pleasure to work with. Very attentive and always available. Requests were taken care of with outmost speed and urgency. Feel free to contact me directly for a reference and/or recommendation."
Mr. Serge Pustelnik

• "Jurak OT Petrof is one of the finest web designers that i have hired. I am very satisfied with the quality, speed and professionalism provided by his studio. He is a very easy person to work with, open to suggestions/ideas which is most important in reaching the final product. I highly recommend his services to any company or individual who needs high quality and modern website of any kind."
Mr. Diran Tavitjan

• "I have hired Jurak to design the website for one of the projects of our foundation. He had assisted us in developing the website concept and functionality. He was continually ahead of us in the development of the website offering new options and solutions which were not aware of could be applied. His drive and passion for this business will bring great value to his future client which will keep paying back. The result exceeded our expectations and we understood that his involvement in the project was the seal of quality for the website and our web presence. I would not think not to involve Jurak again in our next project and relieve ourselves from worrying about the web development. Jurak comes highly recommended by the With Macedonia Foundation and myself."
Mr. Aleksandar Bilbilov

• "Professional, creative, experienced, timely, great to work with: these are the traits I've discovered in Jurak. He came recommended to me by another friend and has been one of the many bright spots I've discovered in Macedonia (among many others). He has been excellent to work with and I will have him work on other projects for me."
Mr. Jason Miko


• Unique website design
• Domain name
• Hosting plan
• Up to 15 pages
• XHTML Coding
• MySQL Database with ASP.NET/PHP.NET
• JavaScript-based navigation
• Photo gallery
• Contact form
• 1+1 Language
• XML Sitemap (Google/Yahoo/Bing Compatible)
• Multi-Browser support (IE6+/Firefox/Opera/Safari/Chrome)
• Invisible web tracker (real-time detailed web stats)
• Web site optimization, search engine optimization (SEO)
• W3C CSS/XHTML validation
• Uploading to the server and testing

• Unique website design
• Domain name
• Hosting plan
• Up to 30+ pages
• XHTML Coding
• MySQL Database with ASP.NET/PHP.NET
• JavaScript-based navigation
• Photo gallery
• Video gallery
• Audio section
• Download section
• Contact form
• 1+1 Language
• XML Sitemap (Google/Yahoo/Bing Compatible)
• Multi-Browser support (IE6+/Firefox/Opera/Safari/Chrome)
• Invisible web tracker (real-time detailed web stats)
• Web site optimization, search engine optimization (SEO)
• W3C CSS/XHTML validation
• Uploading to the server and testing

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